Monday, April 9, 2012

T. N. D's Success Marketing

 Is looking for affiliates to join us and help grow our network.  It is real simple to join.  Go to: posts a comment and I will contact you with your affiliate links. Create a Google blogger account if you don’t have one already.   Another option is copy and paste and to fill out the form below and send it to me in an e-mail to:



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T&C:  I agree to conduct my business legally and ethically at all times and I will never send any unwanted e-mails to anyone I contact about

T. N. D's Success Marketing

.  I also agree to the fact that all click troughs of

T. N. D's Success Marketing

Banners which result in a sale, 75% will be put into my Pap-Pal account once the sale is confirmed.   Sign below if you agree to the terms and conditions.

I _________________________________________________________________ agree.

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Tri-Net Designs Online Job for All. Work from home computer.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Introducing: The Tri-Net Network.

Our mission is to provide quality leads to all business persons without discrimination or bias in anyway.  We offer;  free promo video, web video, Define; "What is a promo video" ,
  commercial video, YouTube, sales video,and promotional videos.
Our mission statement  is; We believe everyone has a right to be able to make a living on or off-line.  Our focus is on off-line local business people of whom are struggling to bare the blunt of this days economy.  Tri-Net is a combo of three sites.  Solution Motion Pictures, New Affiliate Movement, and Tri-Net Designs.  Together we will dedicate our efforts serving our clients to the best of our ability.  Thank you for your attention, and God bless.  Jonah D. Martin President of Solution Motion Pictures On-line press and Editor and Chief.

Below is and example of a promo video:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

T. N. D's Success Marketing

 is dedicated to creating and designing anything you desire to help you market your products:





 Free Blog sites

Promo video on you-tube

Post cards and mailing

Add writing all over the

T. N. D's Success Marketing

network all for a low monthly subscription price of; $5.00 per month.
Give us a 7-14 day trial today. 

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