Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Next item up for Observation:

An other device that will help emergency people on a call that help keep emergency workers safer In case of administering CPR  or other emergency procedures.

Put this general description in the address 2 spot in part. Or as much will fit when you make your choose at check out through the pay-pal button below.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

“Ideas Broker”

                                       “Ideas Broker”

Next up for observation are some ideas that I have been hoping to raise some money for my self.  However here we go:

1. An industrial or residential hamburger bun maker

2. A portable digital fixation device to be used by rescue squad personal.

3.  Automated waffle maker.

4. Automated French-fry maker/cooker.

That’s all for today.  Indicate your choices on the address 2 spot on the check out form.

And chose the appropriate pay option.  Thank You.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Do you have plenty of money, and want to invest it wisely, and can't think of what to do with it.  Have you ever wanted to be an inventor?  Well this could be the most special day of your life, for I have many ideas that I wish to share with the world, but very little money to finance my projects.  I have decided to start an Ideas brokerage firm, it there is any such a thing as that.  Meaning I will post general descriptions of my Ideas on this page and when one sees something that they would like to learn more about, just pay a one time fee for what every degree of a description they would like.  However I would suggest that one should take the general description and do a patent search first to see if it is worth looking into before making a purchase of my version of the idea.  Many times what one person can think of anyone ales can.  One might be thinking why would he want to just give is ideas away for just a small one time fee.  Well in a nut shell, I don't have time or money to jump through all the hoops that uncle SAM will put one through before one even gets close to getting a patent.  I need money now.  However, I am not completely crazy.  If one would purchase a complete description  of one of my ideas and they go on to make at least one million dollars profit, I will like to retain at least 2% rights to profits.  One would have to sign an agreement to that effect before I deliver the package.  However, the 2% is negotiable. If we can agree to an generous one time lump sum, that would be acceptable.  After that, your on your own.
         first one up for observation is a way to put down a certain pesticide with out it being messy and still getting rid of the pest in record time    Chose below: